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BP spends £50 million in a new electric vehicle battery testing facility

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BP announces a £50 million investment in a new worldwide battery research and development center in the United Kingdom, set to open in 2024.

BP has announced plans to invest up to £50 million in a new, cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) battery testing center and analytical laboratory in the United Kingdom. BP has already stated its ambition to invest up to £18 billion in the UK’s energy infrastructure by the end of 2030; this extra investment demonstrates BP’s dedication to the country.

The new electric car battery testing center, which is scheduled to open by the end of 2024, will be placed at BP’s existing global headquarters for its Castrol business in Pangbourne, Berkshire, and will support the technology, engineering, and scientific positions that are already housed there. The location already conducts fuel, lubricant, and EV fluid research and development, and it aspires to become the UK’s premier centre for fluid technology and engineering.

“We support Britain.” We are completely dedicated to the UK’s energy transformation. This additional funding will aid in the acceleration of the transition to electric vehicles by creating solutions to assist decarbonize the transportation industry. “This is another another illustration of our ambitious aspirations to achieve more and move quicker,” said Louise Kingham, BP’s UK national head.

Castrol CEO Michelle Jou stated, “We are dedicated to helping the electrification of transportation and the adoption of electric cars.” The expansion of EV fluids is a big potential for us, and we intend to be the global leader in this field. Castrol ON EV fluids are used by two-thirds of the world’s main automobile manufacturers as part of their factory fill, and we also provide Castrol ON EV fluids to the Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E team.

“With this large new investment, we will now be able to develop further important technologies and skills to enhance EV fluids in the future.” The facilities will also serve as an excellent display for customers to see our integrated technical expertise as we assist accelerate the shift to EVs.”

“At BP pulse, we aspire to give our EV clients with the fastest and most dependable charging experience possible, and we will continue to invest in our rapid and ultra-fast network internationally for passenger vehicles and trucks,” said Richard Bartlett, Senior Vice President, BP pulse. “With our OEM partners, we will use this investment to co-develop battery and charger technologies as well as digital solutions to enable EVs run further, charge quicker, and last longer.”

Castrol plans to use the new facilities to continue its collaboration with automakers and suppliers on future battery technologies and associated thermal management fluids. It will also strive to create new technologies that will aid in the implementation of ultra-fast charging, which is fundamental to bp pulse’s development plan.

Furthermore, improved e-fluid technologies and engineering may be used to other sectors, such as thermal management fluids for data centers, which are in high demand. The majority of the world’s Internet Protocol (IP) traffic passes via data centers, and the number of internet users has doubled since 2010, while global internet traffic has surged 15-fold, a trend that is likely to continue over the next decade.

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