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Santander has introduced a trip cashback incentive for its credit cards

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“This is many of us’ first summer vacation overseas in two years, so to celebrate, we’re providing our Mastercard credit card clients cashback on their holiday spending,”

said Matt Hall, Head of Cards and Loans at Santander UK.

Santander has introduced a 1% cashback incentive on its Mastercard credit cards for purchases made overseas between June 13 and September 18. Customers must spend at least £500 in foreign currency throughout their vacation to qualify.

Those who use the provider’s Everyday credit cards to access this offer, on the other hand, should expect a non-sterling transaction charge of 2.95% on their transactions. Other cards available, such as the All in One Credit Card and World Elite Mastercard, have no extra fees.

Santander has introduced a 1% cashback incentive on Mastercard credit cards. To get the most of this cashback offer, select a card that is most suited to your particular finances.

Those wishing to transfer balances from another credit card can think about the Everyday Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card Mastercard. Its principal benefit is a 33-month 0% balance transfer period before returning to a rate of 21.9%.

The offer may also be appealing to people looking for a purchasing credit card because it includes a 0% introductory rate for the first three months of use. Consumers could also consider the Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card Mastercard, which provides the same introductory purchase offer.

Those seeking for a reward or cashback card might select the All in One Credit Card Mastercard or World Elite Mastercard.

All in One Credit Card Mastercard offers 0.5% cashback on all purchases, which may be combined with the 1% cashback while on vacation, as well as a 0% introductory interest rate for the first 23 months. It does, however, need a monthly cost of £3, making the Everyday cards a preferable alternative for some clients.

Meanwhile, the World Elite Mastercard has a significantly higher monthly charge of £15 and an 18-month 0% introductory period.

As always, before applying for any of these cards, check your personal credit score to determine whether you qualify for these offers. You can use our free credit score eligibility checker to do so.

While Santander’s 1% cashback offer may appear appealing, it is best to weigh all of your alternatives before making a final decision.

A travel credit card can be a better fit for your personal budget. There are now alternative offerings on the market that include no transaction costs and other incentives.

There are also travel debit cards available for people who do not intend to stick to a strict budget when traveling. This and other options are covered in our travel money comparison guide.

Mastercard Everyday Long Term Balance Transfer Credit Card – 21.9%

Everyday No Balance Transfer Fee Mastercard Credit Card – 21.9%

All in One Credit Card Mastercard – 24.7%

World Elite Mastercard – 49.8%

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