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UK safety tech sector going even stronger

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Worries have developed concerning the plethora of possible threats that this offers as we become more networked and more areas of our life are done online.

The scenario has spawned a thriving’ safety tech’ sector, which tries to secure and prevent consumers from various types of damage.

According to the UK Government, it is dedicated to making the UK the safest place in the world to go online, which is why it has been monitoring this burgeoning industry through an annual Safety Tech Sector Analysis report.

The third such study emphasizes considerable growth over the previous year and claims that the industry is “growing from strength to strength.”

There are currently 115 enterprises in the UK that provide these products and services, indicating a 17% increase.

These businesses specialized in a variety of fields, including content screening and moderation, fraud detection and prevention, age verification, digital forensics, and more.

The industry is currently one of the fastest growing in the UK, with sales jumping by more than a fifth (21%) in the last year, totaling £381 million.

It is also creating more employment, with the number of available positions growing by about a third (30%).

The safety technology sector presently directly employs 2,850 people.

The majority of businesses were based outside of London and the South East, with 57% operating outside of London and the South East.

According to the paper, there are already established hotspots of activity in regions such as Leeds, Edinburgh, and Manchester, with Greater Manchester, Oxford, Bristol, and Belfast all developing as development centres.

This fast-growing sector’s future potential is also being recognized, as it received a new record of more than £63 million in outside equity investment.

Around half of this was given to AI firm Faculty, while the other half was given to SafeToNet, a startup that utilizes AI and analytics to detect dangers and safeguard children.

£5.8 million was allocated to the Vault Platform app, which allows employees to report workplace misbehavior, and another £5 million was allocated to Cyacomb, which collaborates with worldwide law enforcement authorities to implement safeguards to protect vulnerable children online.

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