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A new button will make it easier to report suspicious emails to cyber specialists

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In the latest effort to combat cybercrime, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has introduced a one-click button for employees to report suspicious emails.

The GCHQ cybersecurity section has released instructions on how corporate IT departments may install the button to Outlook on Microsoft 365.

People may already report frauds to the NCSC’s Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS), but it is anticipated that the accessibility of a single button will motivate more employees to assist reduce cyber crime, which has cost businesses more than £5 million in the last 13 months.

Since its inception in April of last year, in the midst of a wave of coronavirus-related phishing assaults, the service has received 6.5 million public reports, resulting in the elimination of over 97,000 fake URL addresses.

While most phishing assaults are blocked before they reach staff inboxes, experts warn that unscrupulous actors are developing methods to circumvent defenses.

“The pandemic has demonstrated that cybercriminals would go to any length to target and swindle individuals and companies,” said Dr Ian Levy, technical director of the NCSC.

However, our Suspicious Email Reporting Service has demonstrated that the British people can assist us in combating this pandemic.

“This new reporting button makes it simple for organizations using Microsoft 365 to enable their employees to report suspicious-looking emails, further aiding in the fight against cybercrime.”

“The more individuals who report suspicious activity to us, the safer everyone becomes.”

Experts have seen employees duped into downloading malware that seems to be from IT assistance, clone login sites that steal people’s personal information, and emails with bogus warnings from standard office software such as Microsoft Teams.

The typical case submitted to the NCSC in July took four hours to resolve.

“Unfortunately, criminals will take advantage of whatever chance they can to deceive individuals into disclosing their personal and financial information,” said Clinton Blackburn, interim commander of the City of London Police.

“Phishing communications serve as a conduit for thieves to collect this information, which they will subsequently use to perpetrate fraud.”

“With this new reporting tool, employees can defend their workplace by reporting phishing emails with the touch of a mouse, giving authorities additional information about who is behind these crimes and preventing more individuals from falling victim.”

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