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Citrix TTU enables genuine cloud functionality

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Many IT decision-makers foresee a further reduction in on-premise workloads by 2025. From the bedroom to the boardroom, hybrid work arrangements that were once a term have now become the standard for the great majority of workers globally. Many people have begun to see the wide range of benefits that this new environment may provide, and some have dubbed it the “period of hyperinnovation.” While hybrid structures are novel, if not handled properly, they can be suffocating due to unfairness and poor teamwork.

This is where Tech Data and Citrix come in, enabling you to study customer needs and provide customized solutions using the business transforming and unique TTU idea (transition and trade up). We provide a variety of learning options, ranging from webinars to our Accelerate programs, all targeted at providing you with a thorough grasp of any technology solution. Join the innovative nation now!

It takes effort to find the perfect hybrid IT approach, but the rewards are vast. According to a Fieldwork by Citrix survey, enhanced digital communication amplified more varied perspectives, resulting in richer idea development for 93% of company executives. A fair playing field for all employees, regardless of where or how they work, is always a good thing!

But what is Transition and Trade-Up (TTU)?

1. The process of migrating existing on-premises licenses to the cloud version of the same product/edition.

2. Trade Up is the process of swapping existing on-premises licenses or cloud subscriptions for a new product or a higher-level product version.

3. TTU (Transition and Trade-Up) is a hybrid of the two. Transferring existing on-premises licenses to the cloud and/or exchanging them for a higher-level product edition.

We’ll enable you to explore client requirements and suggest focused solutions with the company by taking the complexity out of licence renewal talks and providing the assistance you need to better understand your renewal base, training models, and to stop end users auto-renewing. This implies that your clients will be able to learn how to adapt their virtualization infrastructure into an efficient, contemporary digital workspace.

What are the advantages of TTU?

Citrix offers a platform-based approach with flexible deployment, and your Tech Data account manager delivers the support and resources you and your clients want. You can also profit from TTU by:

  • Discounts on licensing
  • Increasing the value of IT
  • Consolidation can help you save money.
  • A zero-trust strategy reduces risk.
  • Rights to hybrid use
  • Better user experience

Tech Data is the largest Citrix distribution partner in the UK, with a staff that has over 80 years of channel expertise. With seasoned business development managers and enablement specialists, as well as a specialized internal sales staff and pre-sales experts, we provide great service.

Tech Data started its Citrix Accelerate program in 2021 to assist our partners in clarifying and defining their Citrix story and overall strategic message. It provides them with the tools they need to win more business by driving customer results, accelerating IT modernisation, allowing secure dispersed work, and increasing worker productivity. If you are considering a company re-evaluation, our unique, complimentary relationship with GLU-CX will be beneficial.

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