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online identity – is it a good idea?

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Companies and organizations are reconsidering their spending, particularly as inflation rises. They search for areas where they may make adjustments to reduce operational expenses. This also relates to the administration of identity management processes. Outsourcing in this sector appears to be a less expensive option, hence it is becoming a popular choice for many businesses. How do you know if identity outsourcing is a good option for your company, and what does it have to do with multi-factor authentication and the FIDO2 standard?

Secfense CEO Tomasz Kowalski analyzes if controlling identity online may work as an outsourced approach.

There are several cybersecurity solutions available to guard against various attack vectors. The difficulty of the second decade of the twenty-first century is not only the complexity of IT environments and the problems of implementation, but also the scarcity of IT professionals. As a result, many businesses choose to outsource security and identity management services to third-party providers.

This method permits exhausted programmers who struggle with system maintenance and expansions on a regular basis to be relieved – states – It is, nevertheless, coupled with a significant danger. Organizations should be aware that they are not alone in being targeted. If you outsource your identity, attackers can now try to compromise the third party that handles your identity.

We don’t have to go far for examples of this type of circumstance. There has lately been a lot of chatter regarding an attack on the industry leader in IAM (Identity and Access Management) products. An attempted attempt to hack into the account of a customer service engineer was discovered there in January, and the attackers compromised the credentials of one administrator in March. As it was subsequently revealed during the inquiry, the hackers did not download the databases and instead concentrated their efforts on clients and clients of clients. It was eventually roughly 2.5% of them.

It’s tough to say if it’s a little or a lot. None of the firms who elected to outsource their identity management, including huge enterprises, government institutions, and colleges, wanted to be in this category. Although the investigation’s findings were less severe than originally expected, the IAM provider must now work hard to regain confidence.

Adopting a zero-trust approach and implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all apps and access points in your business will help you maximize security performance. Importantly, MFA must be built on FIDO2, which is a new open internet authentication technology that allows us to log in using a facial scan or fingerprint. Cybercriminals may already intercept SMS codes or authenticating applications that create one-time passwords, most commonly via the use of social engineering tactics.

Developers and organizations are fully aware that the protection of users’ identities is much too vital to be overlooked. Outsourcing of these procedures in conjunction with outsourcing of identity management, as demonstrated by real-world examples of breaches, must also be carefully considered. – A recipe – both in cases where we maintain the identity ourselves and in cases where we use outsourced services – may be to separate identity management from its protection, which is where Secfense broker may help. The user access security broker protects every access point in the business with powerful FIDO2 based passwordless MFA protection.

What’s the deal with FIDO2? Because it represents a true breakthrough in authentication and online security. This open standard is currently one of the most effective ways to guard against phishing and credential theft.

FIDO2 enables the use of cryptographic keys, as well as devices that we always have with us, such as laptops with built-in cameras, Windows Hello, or cellphones with fingerprint readers.

Thus, if there is FIDO2, an open and effective authentication standard, why do businesses still struggle to secure their employees’ accounts with MFA?

The most difficult issue remains implementation. MFA implementation is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive. Furthermore, if a corporation has hundreds of applications, bulk adoption of all programs is very hard. Effect? Although the FIDO2 standard was created in April 2018, it is still most commonly an addition after more than four years and is not a universal technique of ensuring your identity on the Internet.

Nowadays, entering your credentials is required for going onto any computer, using cloud services, and even downloading anything to your phone or computer. Any such conduct, if not properly guarded, poses a risk to the firm. More or less spectacular examples of attacks utilizing social engineering to steal user logins and passwords clearly demonstrate that firms that are serious about security must abandon the usage of weak and selectively utilized forms of identification.

Standard passwords, as well as two-factor authentication (2FA) based on SMS codes, are no longer functional. So, whether you maintain identity management in-house or outsource it, the goal is to ensure that all access points are secured with MFA – preferably the strongest one – FIDO2 passwordless authentication.

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