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SFC Capital invests £250,000 in Launched Technologies (t/a February)

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Hull-based February has acquired £250,000 in venture capital (VC) financing after only a year in business, having already established itself as the #1 no-code app developer in the UK.

The seed money from SFC Capital will be used to invest in research and development as well as operational and customer expansion, according to Ash Lewis, CEO, who founded the company last year with brother Tom, COO:

“We started February after identifying a distinct gap in the UK market for a no-code app developer and that the route to that market was quickly achievable with the skills and team we had and were able to pull together,” says Ash, 26, who co-founded with Tom, 21, after working on labor- and cash-intensive app launches in the UK and Europe.

“Since 2020, when we began development on our software that can swiftly produce native apps in several languages via a visual interface, we’ve had a goal that can be summed up in a single sentence: ‘anyone can build a contemporary, powerful app, without any coding or design skills.’

“App releases may eat up a lot of time, money, and hours in development, but what we discovered was that 90-95 percent of the code used in app development was all very much the same or very similar standard logic, with just 5 to 10% as unique business logic.”

“Creating an app, such as a dating app, appears to be a vast and hard effort, but with no-code everything from user interface, user onboarding, user administration, reporting management, banning and removing users, and even app advertising can be extremely simple and uncomplicated!”

This no-nonsense, clear approach also allowed the young team to focus on the nature of an app’s ‘backendedness,’ with the goal of transforming into an app developer offering not just no-code software but also integrated app design possibilities.

“We also discovered that many struggled with effectively designing an app, which is why we went down the app design template approach, with offering 50 template designs.”

A soft launch with a TikTok campaign in the middle/end of last year generated customers, with the apps initially offered for free to build market knowledge and a marketing and sector profile before shifting to a paid model this summer, with ‘Build your own,’ ‘Build with us,’ and ‘Build for you’ options and monthly and yearly prices ranging from (monthly) £37/month to £224/month, and (annual) £74/month to £449/month.

“We’ve received a lot of attention from venture capitalists, which is partially due to the popularity of no-code software development.” “It helped that we were already making money in such a short period of time and had a solid track record in the IT sector, including previously receiving venture capital investment,” Ash noted.

Ash and Tom are also taking advantage of February’s easy approach to app production by creating their own in-house applications.

This includes ‘Duos,’ an app that allows individuals to locate a companion to play games with, and ‘Audid,’ an audio app that will be released soon and will provide 15-minute book summaries.

“If we have a decent concept for an app, we build it,” stated Tom Lewis. We’re eager to expand these in-house apps, and it’s a question of ‘let’s get it done.'”

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