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The Aiimi Insight Engine is used by RES to provide data transformation

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The world’s biggest independent renewable energy firm, RES (Renewable Energy Systems), has chosen Aiimi’s AI-powered data platform, the Aiimi Insight Engine.

The platform’s adoption followed a period of digital transformation for RES, which included a large-scale cloud transfer to Azure. A critical component of this continuing work is the decommissioning of the organization’s outdated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, with 3.1 million historical documents and records relevant to assets and operational and regulatory needs being moved to a new Azure-hosted archive.

Because of the migration to Azure, RES is also linked with Microsoft’s aim to 100% renewable energy for its Azure cloud service by 2025. According to a Microsoft analysis, switching to Azure cloud will cut RES’s CO2 effect by 1.6 million kg over five years (2,700 acres of forest would be required to absorb that CO2) compared to hosting its applications on-premises.

Aiimi provided RES with the possibilities of the Aiimi Insight Engine, which will allow historical documents, regardless of format, to be augmented with richer contextual data and made discoverable to users across the organization. The move will also allow RES to reduce its data center requirements by replacing 27 on-premises servers across three countries with a single cloud-based node of the Aiimi Insight Engine.

“Organisations that have existed for decades often have huge banks of historical data that must be handled and preserved,” explains Steve Salvin, CEO of Aiimi. Having this information discoverable is critical for RES in order to satisfy regulatory standards, sustain business operations, and future-proof its data management capabilities. RES will leverage the Aiimi Insight Engine to let its knowledge from the past, present, and future to coexist in the same data universe, decreasing complexity and empowering people.”

“Having executed world-leading energy projects for more than 40 years, we recognize the significance of modern technology and data capabilities for innovation and continuous improvement,” says Jonathan Payne, RES’s IT Director. The Aiimi Insight Engine’s capabilities and potential are in line with our continuing transformation agenda, which aspires to unearth and exploit the actual power and promise of modern data and cloud technologies.”

To guarantee that all asset-related information is maintained and efficiently moved to the Azure-hosted archive, the Aiimi Insight Engine will evaluate all documents within the traditional ECM system. The platform will guarantee that all papers are labeled and discoverable through additional enrichment processes and classification, allowing all information important to projects and regulations to be quickly aggregated and distributed through an efficient and user-friendly procedure.

About Aiimi

Aiimi is a data and AI-focused creative tech startup. Its purpose is straightforward: to link people to knowledge.

Aiimi assists organizations in connecting impossible-to-find information to the people who need it to accomplish their jobs, swiftly and securely, using a mix of expert data services and its AI-powered software platform, the Aiimi Insight Engine.

The Aiimi Insight Engine employs AI and Machine Learning to discover, enrich, classify, and connect an organization’s data and information, resulting in a comprehensive view of its data universe that reveals new relationships and unlocks valuable insights that improve business performance and transform customer experiences. The platform, designed for business, provides comprehensive solutions to significant organizational concerns such as data governance, privacy, and data migration. Organizations may use the Aiimi Insight Engine to simply locate and link what they know and don’t know, allowing them to better operationalize their data and improve insight, productivity, and compliance.

Aiimi guarantees that organizations survive in a data-driven and digital-first environment by providing high-end data services and UX expertise, enabling them to harness data to become more agile and responsive while lowering risk, enhancing services, and enabling teams to make informed choices quicker.

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