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The Top 10 Help Desk Software for 2022

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Whether it’s talking with consumers to assist handle service-related issues or answering IT requests from workers, most firms will require some method of managing those discussions at some point.

One of the most effective methods is to use help desk software.

Help desk software is a tool for organizing, managing, and responding to support inquiries. Some help desks handle external client queries, while others handle internal service requests from team employees.

A help desk may contain resources such as a common mailbox, a knowledge base, and a live chat solution. However, not all help desks have all of the tools listed above.

Because it consolidates all of your customer support interactions into one omnichannel tool, using a help desk platform is a great way to improve your customer experience — 75% of customers want a consistent experience regardless of how they engage a company (via social media, in person, by phone, etc.).

There are three major categories:

  • Cloud-based: A cloud-based help desk, often known as a web help desk, is proprietary software that is hosted online via a vendor’s website or an application. To use the tool, you must first join in to the site or application and pay a monthly or yearly charge.
  • Self-hosted: Also known as an on-premise help desk, this is when the software is deployed directly on your own servers. It might be something you develop yourself or something you buy from another firm. It is proprietary software, similar to cloud-based.
  • Open source help desk software allows developers to immediately access a program’s source code, allowing them to adapt the software in any way they see suitable. This software is often non-proprietary, which means it does not have a single proprietor.

Other — and potentially more relevant — approach to consider help desk software categorisation is in terms of who you’re using it to service. In such situation, there are two types: internal and external.

  • Internal: Generally, an internal help desk solution is utilized to manage IT-related difficulties. Employees may submit tickets to your IT staff directly, making it easier to handle and organize those requests.
  • Customer-facing: Client support teams often utilize customer-facing help desk software to manage incoming customer communications. The functionality of these applications varies, but most feature a shared inbox and some type of collaboration, productivity, and reporting capabilities.
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The top 10 help desk software solutions for 2022

To start your search, you need be aware of at least some of your alternatives. The following is a list of 11 of the top help desk software solutions currently available on the market.

1. Help Scout

Help Scout is a comprehensive customer support platform that provides all of the tools you need to provide an exceptional client experience. When you join Help Scout, you have access to a variety of tools.

2. SysAid

SysAid is a ticketing system for help desks that processes internal IT requests. To lower SLAs, they provide a range of SLA management capabilities such as ticket and workflow automation. You may also create a knowledge management self-service site so that staff can handle simple requests like password resets on their own.

3. Hiver

Hiver is best thought of as an extension to your Gmail account. It allows you to make internal notes on talks and even allocate discussions to individual agents.

Hiver also provides some reporting to help you better assess team performance and acquire insights into the most common reasons clients contact you.

4. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a multi-purpose help desk that is ideal for bigger teams, particularly those in contact centers.

When you join up, you have access to tools for handling support requests such as a shared inbox, a knowledge base, and chat capabilities. You will also be given inbound minutes to manage consumer phone calls (the amount of minutes varies based on the specific plan you choose).

5. Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is commonly linked with engineering teams, but it is also used by many support teams as a location to submit and monitor defects.

Users may design custom processes and forms to ensure projects operate well, and they can assign statuses to specific tasks to keep everyone informed. Reports can provide support representatives with insights into what’s being worked on and the general workload, providing more context to bug-tracking and requests.

6. Zendesk

Almost everyone who works in customer service has heard of Zendesk. They create a multi-channel support system with features such as a shared inbox, a knowledge base, and live chat capabilities.

In addition to this, they provide some more complex AI-based solutions for chatbots and autoresponders (albeit they are only available on their more expensive subscriptions).

7. Zoho Desk

You may be aware of Zoho as a customer relationship management tool, but they also provide a support solution for client interactions.

Zoho Desk offers several of the standard suspects, such as a shared mailbox and a knowledge base application. They also provide more advanced capabilities like as AI-assisted response and enhanced automations for things like discussion sorting and labeling.

8. Front

Front allows you to link your email, SMS, and social network accounts to a single inbox. It also has productivity tools such as internal notes and certain automation options to decrease human effort. They also provide certain analytics and integrations, but only on their more expensive services.

9. Gorgias

Gorgias is an ecommerce-focused support desk solution. Gorgias provides users with access to a shared email, knowledge base, and live chat facility. The integrations with Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce set it apart from the other alternatives on the list (although the Magento integration is only offered on the higher-tier plan).

10. Kustomer

Kustomer created a one-of-a-kind solution by combining help desk and project management software. Kustomer provides email, chat, phone, and social account help via many channels. You may create, assign, and establish due dates for tasks in project management.

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