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biggest smartphone errors you might be making

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Smartphones have become an essential part of modern life, as they are used to perform a variety of tasks. These mobile devices do everything from waking you up in the morning to keeping you connected to friends, family, and colleagues to even storing your precious memories. There’s no doubt that users want to keep this ‘life-changing’ device running as long as possible. To achieve the goal, users should first become aware of and avoid some common practices that shorten the lifespan of their phone. We’ll go over some of the most common and serious smartphone mistakes you might be making.

Using the incorrect charger

Many users mistakenly believe that all chargers are the same. They believe that any charger will suffice as long as the connector on the cable fits into their phones. However, it is critical to have the proper charger. Cheap chargers are strictly prohibited. They not only pose a fire and short circuit risk, but they can also shorten and lengthen the lifespan of your smartphone. Always purchase chargers from reputable brands after thoroughly researching their safety and compatibility guidelines.

Making use of public Wi-Fi networks

Although public Wi-Fi networks are inexpensive and simple to use, they can pose a significant security risk. Hackers and bad actors that are also linked to these networks have easy access to the data sent over public Wi-Fi networks. Hackers will be able to steal user information and remotely control their devices as a result of this. If you must connect to the internet via a public Wi-Fi network, make sure you use a VPN. VPNs, or virtual private networks, are a simple way to securely connect to websites even on public networks. In such cases, however, it is preferable to use mobile data if it is available.

Using no case or back cover

Back covers and phone cases can help protect your gadgets from damage. When looking for a new cover for their device, users should prioritize case quality over style. The intent of these covers is not just to improve the appearance of the phone, but also to protect it from damage caused by falls and other accidents. Silicone phone cases last longer than other materials, and most smartphone manufacturers include them in the box.

Using outdated apps on your Android device

Some users may object to notifications informing them that a new software upgrade for specific apps is available. These are, however, necessary interruptions that help the device run smoothly and securely. These updates not only improve the user experience, but they also include security patches that address newly discovered vulnerabilities. These updates are critical, and failing to install them may expose your devices to malware attacks. Furthermore, these updates address certain bugs that may cause your device to malfunction or perform slowly. Users should make sure that they download and run the update as soon as they receive notification of it.

There is no need to download Android OS or security updates

Mobile brands regularly share software and security updates for mobile operating systems (Android). While some of these are important because they add new features and design components to your device, others are security upgrades that keep your phone safe from malicious apps and other similar threats. It is critical to download such updates in order to keep your smartphone running smoothly.

Rooting the device in order to use a customized skin

It is not illegal to jailbreak or root your iOS or Android device. Devices running on their stock skin, on the other hand, have more security measures that prevent users from accessing some critical parts of the device’s operating system. Using custom ROMs to modify devices may provide users with access to hidden system settings that allow them to do much more with their phones, but it may also expose your device to increased security risks. It is critical to conduct research and read guides before deciding to jailbreak your device, particularly for first-timers.

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