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Disadvantages of children using technology

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Technology is all around us. Just have a look around and consider it. Take a look in your pocket or at the screen you’re currently viewing. Technology has brought us many wonderful things! 

Smartphones, tablets, computers, video games, and so on… Our lives are surrounded by technology, and our children use it at home, school, and everywhere else. Our kids will learn a lot that we cannot even imagine right now. We know that technology has a significant positive impact.

However, there are some negative effects of technology overuse that have serious consequences for our children’s lives. To get the most out of electronic devices, parents must consider and avoid their drawbacks. 

We’ve compiled a list of five negative effects of technology that you should be aware of:

1. Problems with Social Skills

Kids are increasingly using mobile devices, and they can become hooked to them, resulting in insufficient time spent with family and/or friends. They are much more likely to communicate virtually with friends, uploading pictures and texting online, than to meet them in person.

2. Excessive use of mobile devices impairs sleep quality

More than 50% of all children have at least one device in their bedroom.

Professionals discovered that there is a strong link between screen-based media device access or use in the sleep environment and sleep quantity and quality.

Sleep deprivation usually have serious consequences for our brain. During sleep, the brain performs some “housekeeping” tasks, clearing out unnecessary items and restoring nerve networks in preparation for a new day. However, sleeping less means depriving our nervous system of its essential needs, and we will struggle with our daily activities.

You can talk to your children about the dangers of it to help them sleep better.   A balanced screen time can help children sleep better.

4. Internet Can Be Dangerous Place for kids

When we browse the internet, we are frequently exposed to potentially harmful elements such as phishing, viruses, and other threats disguised as advertisements. Most adults are aware of it and can easily avoid it, but what happens to our children? Even the advertisement can be beneficial to them at times. According to a 2005 study, 70% of teens aged 15-17 have unintentionally discovered pornography online. What about these days?

The kids can look up anything on the internet. However, with careful oversight, they will not visit dangerous websites and will avoid meeting dangerous people. 

Remember that you can always help your children avoid these hazards.

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